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Hippity hop

I don't know what it is about holidays that makes me so happy. Getting together with family? Shared meals? the new fun memories? traditions? All of it.

I'm pretty sure it is the sounds and smells. The chatter and noise in the kitchen, the laughter from the kids, excitement in the air. It's the feeling you get. I mean there is heaps and heaps of chaos in there, accidentally full drink spills on the table cloths, grumpy hungry kids and sibling bickering for good measure.

But it's special isn't it.

It's still special.

Easter is up there for favorites for me. I think there is only one or two times we have not spent Easter in Trail, BC since the kids were born. I think once it was due to bad roads and the other, Easter was too close to my due date to stray from home. I have some very special memories over the years created in Trail at Easter.

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