Sorry, I have been away for a little bit. I was tired...for 4 years.

Having two kids is like having 17 kids. Life changing drastically - for us anyway. All of a sudden there is 0 downtime and you are forever reffing the team.

We had a very chill 1st child  (imma brag for a half second). He was happy, patient, slow moving, cautious,  slept like a champ, calm and loving with a huge attention span at a young age. We wanted two kids, a buddy for each other. A lifelong friend we hoped.

Boom. (chickawawa)

Enter second child which is NOTHING like the first.

From the labor itself even. I made it to the hospital and she was born 31 minutes later (this is a whole other post - yikes!)

She arrived, Kara Valentina McInnes and completed our family in such a way we had no idea we were missing.

She is a rocket.
She never stopped moving.
She was/is stuck to my hip.
She's a mama's girl.
She is a tomboy.
She is shy.
She loves so deeply.
She loves the outdoors.
She is kind.
She is caring.
She is forgiving.
She looks up to her brother.
She is a firecracker.
She loves trips.
She is funny.
She is demanding.
She is smart.
She is loved.

It has been a handful of busy years. We enjoy the slow times the most though. There are so many stories to catch up on, in time. But for now - see my favorites from her first year.


  1. Beautiful Pennie! So well written. Your cousin Danny can never pull this stuff off, as he has as much time as you do. ;)

    Please. Keep writing. It is obviously one of your many strengths. :)


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