Hippity hop

I don't know what it is about holidays that makes me so happy. Getting together with family? Shared meals? the new fun memories? traditions? All of it.

I'm pretty sure it is the sounds and smells. The chatter and noise in the kitchen, the laughter from the kids, excitement in the air. It's the feeling you get. I mean there is heaps and heaps of chaos in there, accidentally full drink spills on the table cloths, grumpy hungry kids and sibling bickering for good measure.

But it's special isn't it.

It's still special.

Easter is up there for favorites for me. I think there is only one or two times we have not spent Easter in Trail, BC since the kids were born. I think once it was due to bad roads and the other, Easter was too close to my due date to stray from home. I have some very special memories over the years created in Trail at Easter.

  • Time spent with loved ones
  • Rainboots
  • Hollaring at the kids
  • The Pastry shop
  • Sunshine
  • Egghunts
  • Hollaring at the kids
  • Nightly puppy walks
  • The Colander
  • River beach hangs
  • Hollaring at the kids

I have gotten to know and love one of the sweetest and generous couple who absolutely feel like family to me and the kids as well. This is John's best friend (since 5 years old!!) parents. So sincerely kind and unconditionally fun loving. They house our craziness crew for the long weekend and we are so THANKFUL for all their patience and kindness.

I can't imagine Easter anywhere else really.

But one of the funnest (not a word) parts of Easter for me is planning their baskets. It can be so random and sunshiney rainbowness (also, not words - can't stop won't stop) at Easter. I try to find something/s nostalgic, something they really want, a game of some sort and obvious treats. I love that it can be all over the place - no real rhyme or reason.

Here is some finds for this years basket;

  1. Candy Labs (these are great reviews! and apparently taste amazing) chick  and bunny
  2. Vintage lip slider tins (gah! THIS was my favorite dang thing as a kid) childhood dreams right now
  3. Scratch n sniff stickers (some more nostalgia for my soul) I swear I can smell my childhood!  and     here too!!
  4. Treat? Game? call it what you will - because I can hear the laughter already
  5. Now this, there is a story behind this - Noah received a parachute valentine with those strings that always get tangled. Well I threw it out, oops. Apparently he loved it so much and I threw away all this dreams. Parent fail. So... these
  6. One more-  because how fun is this!

Oh ya and the bunny is bringing me this because - gimme me all the labels!

For as much 'tude as our kids dish out on the daily (salty little things - must get that from dad) these little crazies are very lucky in love. Heaps of Grandparents and family in their life who adore them to pieces.  

So bring on Easter, mostly because I want to smell all the childhood nostalgia this year.

What do you guys put in your kids baskets? I love hearing about it, photos, stories, all the baskets ...eeek!

(I totally checked the Trail weather earlier and didn't exit it properly - yup thought it was an hour earlier than it is right now...zzzz)

Some of the Easters in Trail. ( I will never regret taking too many photos)


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