Hell or high water

Isn't that great. Perfect match for this year and great job Calgary!! You really stepped up.

"We" (john and I) will not be attending the grounds this year. Noah is going tomorrow with Vavoo and Vavo (Portuguese for grandpa and grandma) to see Uncle Nic work and have some fun. Thanks guys he will love it.

Remember to ask him to pee as he will wait til the veeery last moment (can't miss out on the fun obviously)

However we did get to enjoy a stampede breakfast with him this morning. Pancakes, country band, animals, "sailors" (that one is for you Adam) and all. It was fun. Weather cooperated and that will be our stampede extent this year.

He is on a sleepover at V&V's tonight. John and I got to enjoy dinner and a show. Exactly how I love to spend our adult time. Now I am catching up on my blog, having a tea and will read for as long as I want because WE get to sleep in. Ah man, this is music to our ears. Love you Noah but both of us sleeping in at the same time does not happen for us so umm...YAY!

Here's a little from the day.

Memories being made. Smile lines solidified.


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