Harder than I thought.

Noah's last day at the dayhome. I balled. It snuck up on me.

We had a great morning and reminded Noah this will be his last day at the "dayhome" (we hope to see them again soon). He was prepared and was excited to share cupcakes with his buds.

I walked up to the door, 2 other parents were dropping there kids at the same time. I went in for some sugar (a hug) from Laurie and I felt my throat tighten ( you know that feeling..) then I hugged Nathan and lastly Ken. By this time my eyes were completely filled with tears and rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't stay, I could barely talk and I didn't want Noah to see me like that and turn his excitement in sadness. Through the tears I said something like "I just wanted to thank you for everything.."

This doesn't even come close to what I wanted to say. But I had to leave I was a mess and other parents were there and kids would be like what the hell is going on...should I be crying too..lol. The mess I was I bolted quickly as to lessen my messyness.

What I wanted to say, what I want them to know is thank you. But thank you for loving him like we do. So Laurie, please know this.

I will never forget the way you..
- cleaned his bumps and bruises
- worked with us to teach him how to talk and walk
- potty trained with us
- fed him
- read to him
- made sure he had his blanket for naps. Especially when we forgot it there you drove it back to our house before we even knew it was gone.
- making sure he was screened from the sun
- made him laugh
- made his smile
- put up with my daily messages to "check in'
- created great memories for him
- pajama day
- baked them a fresh treat for after lunch
- celebrated the holidays with presents and fun special days.
- a wonderful goodbye gift of books for him and a coupon to watch him with movies tickets for us to enjoy at the same time. (meant so much!)
- the way you loved him like we love him.

I wanted to say thank you for all that. I just couldn't. I know you understand that I was too emotional to get it all out. I just need you to know that you were more than a dayhome to all of us.

Tomorrow he starts preschool and I am sap central again. This having a kid business generates a lot of water that never used to be there. I am not a "crier" but grateful for these tears, every year we get to spend and grow together.


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