He will be five when he wakes up.


How! I can not believe how fast time has gone by. What is it about 5 that is so emotional. I have been thinking about this for months.

Is it that he is no longer considered a preschooler?
He is becoming more independent?
Will start school in a couple months?
Is it my hormones? (no. no it is not because I don't think I am alone with this emotional age 5)
Is it that he is considered a child. Child now..not so small anymore.

I want to cry.

One was a milestone. First birthday! We made it.

Two I found emotional as well because I was back to work and time FLEW by.

Three was fun.

Four was fun.

Five. Five is fun but SO emotional for me. I am so in love with this kid. He has challenged me to no end today. Rough day and as soon as its bedtime I am overcome with guilt because today was rough and it was the last day of his being 4. I tried to wake him to tell him one more time as a 4 year old that I love him. He wouldn't wake up. So I told him anyway.

Tomorrow is a fun day from when he wakes and even gets to sleep at Grandmas. 

I am so looking forward to a new year with him.

Four was tough. Four was by far the toughest yet. He pushed and pushed and tantrums and frustration. He has a huge life change just 6 weeks ago. He has been handling like a champ but I know he feels it. But he gave it his all. He was tough. We fought. He cried. I cried. (John was in the bathroom a long time...maybe he was crying for all I know lol) Today was tough.

Tomorrow is a new day.

 He will be 5 and I will cry but a good cry. A new chapter in his childhood is starting. More freedom (im not ready) More confidence (im not ready) More challenges (im not ready) More memories...that I am always ready for.

He told me today that he is pretty much 5 and I can call him five already. I told him no. He is 4 and will be 4 all day and night. When he wakes I will squeeze him tight. He will fight it and I will love it. He will love it secretly.

He is right though. He is pretty much....Five.

I love him so.

He's 5.


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