I believe...

In honor of a favorite blogger of mine, this is what I believe right now.

I believe you are entitled to change your mind.

I believe laughter is a kickass alternative.

I believe in pajama Sundays.

I believe sorry's are essential.

I believe he believes he can be a superhero.

I believe in the road less traveled.

I believe hugs are under estimated.

I believe friends will hurt you but they still love you.

I believe true friends will always be true.

I believe becoming a mother has made me a better person.

I believe anything under 100 pounds for a grown ass woman is something to be concerned about.

I believe creating memorable childhood moments.

I believe the dentist is scarey ass.

I believe one day I will get over this fear.

I believe I passed my exam.

I believe in positive thinking (see above 2 points)

I believe in doing small things with great love.

I believe confidence is sexy.

I believe sitting your butt in the sand just does something for the soul.

I believe even if your bat-ass crazy mad, you don't sleep in separate beds.

I believe in family.

I believe rainy days are for blankets, cuddles, movies and afternoon naps.

I believe you should never leave home without some form of camera.

I believe the last thing I want to do after eating Chinese food is hump.

I believe hump is a funny word.

I believe the vows I exchanged.

I believe kids need rules.

I believe said kids will appreciate those rules later in life.

I believe my husband and I will grow old (but still cute) together.

I believe adding party to the end of what you are doing makes it fun. ie. kitchen dance party.

I believe Advil gel caps work the best.

I believe women forget what birth is actually like so we will have another.

I believe happiness is a choice.

I believe music can change my mood instantly.

I believe in doing "your" best, even though in may not be "the best".

I believe in agree to disagree.

I believe somebody's looks improve if they are funny.

I believe I am funny (and my looks just improved)

I believe in sarcasim.

I newly believe in "at least". At least he didn't hurt himself, at least he didn't break it...at least.

I believe...I have said enough.


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