Road tripping...

 I know they are not for everybody. We love road trips.

I love the feeling just before you head out and your all packed, buckled in, snacks, water, music and a camera. Although I probably loved them more when John and I took the top off the jeep, threw 1 bag (that's right I said 1 bag, can you even remember when it was 1 bag!)  in the backseat for a long weekend away and away we went. Sun blasting us the whole way to Okanaghan to visit friends, do wine tours, hang on the boat and stay up until the wee mornings.

The more road trips we take, small or large I am noticing a change is needed.

We will be making a road trip again shortly, long one. I would like to avoid the twinge, moms you know the one. The pain in your left side, neck, shoulder and back you get from doing the twist and reach to the back seat.

N: mom I need...
a drink,
my gum is old, 
look at this
look at that
I dropped...

J: oops his head fell, 
Fix his pillow,
Take off his hat,
He dropped....

That neck pain. So what do I bring, whats the best tips and tricks you have for setting up your little ones in their car seats with activities and snacks so they are self sufficient. I would totally sit back there with him but I will vomit. Car sick in the back seat every time. Avoid.

I will pack his snacks in a wipe type container that has a lid. 
I will ziplock some crayons.
I got a headrest thing for iPad to act as a tv (happy dance for me... him)

Questions for you:
- Does that head rest toddler wrap around pillow things really work. Is it comfortable for them?
- what are some games you play, road trip games to pass the time?
- what was your favorite road trip memories as a kid?

Mine was the stops in small towns for a treat, the giggles that would follow when my sister and I made faces as we passed cars, roadside picnics, "welcome to" signs. 

I really want to make it fun for everyone. I do not want to listen to a kiddie cd with the are we there yet, how much longer til we get there questions.

The journey is part of the fun.


  1. We always played 'eye spy' and loved looking at license plates....anyone from out of province 'road trippin' as well always got smiles and waves! Loved the stops in small towns. We always made a pont to stop at the playgrounds for a short 'play' too!


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