Excitement in the air

Coincidentally our summer vacation coincides with my birthday. (exciting right!)

I was moving the bag my present is in, my present is so pretty. I love her already. I picked it up but it's husband approved.  She has been sitting there for 2.5 weeks. I try her on daily.

(brown with gold hardware)

So while I was moving the bag I sang happy birthday to me. Noah says "it's not my birthday" I said "I know honey, its mommies pretty soon I was just being silly". He sits quietly for a bit.

Then says...
n: mom. will ask me to your party?
p: are you kidding, for sure bud. But you remember we'll be away so I wont have a party party.
n: But I want to throw you a party. I want you to have cake, presents, flowers...
p: I would love that, thank you. I cant wait!
n: smiles

Is this not the wickedest thing ever. He can be so sweet, make me crazy, then be so flippen sweet again.

I am super pumped for this vacation. I can't wait to experience new places together. Create those good wholesome memories. Noah is just as excited, he keeps asking how many days left..how many more sleeps. I feel ya buddy.

Another thing I get super pumped about, a pile of towels being dropped on me fresh from the dryer. Best. warmest. feeling. ever! my kid...exact same, loves it.


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