Vintage Pretty

Son of a b&%$@!

That was not easy. My shoulder is killing me. I scored a cool vintage trunk from an antique shop in BC last fall. I knew it would sit in my basement until summer so I could make it something pretty, something vintage, something..awesome. I endured "why did we buy this thing again" "are you even gonna do anything with this" get the idea. I have all these ideas in my head... I actually lose sleep over it sometimes. Like a quote I seen on pinterest "I just want to make pretty things and get enough sleep". Pretty much sums it up.

It was in decent condition, just needed a lot of tlc. I am sure this thing hadn't been cleaned since the day it was made. This is the trunk I purchased and me all eager to get started on this long weekend that we were in town.

This continued for the next 9 or 10 hours. I had to stop, there are 2 sides not finished (that I will finish tomorrow) but I physically could not keep going. I needed a cup of tea and 3 Tylenol for my right arm.

What I did. I cleaned it. Removed the stickers. Sanded the top wood slabs. Cleaned the dust off. (cursed) stained the wood. polished all the brass with brasso (worst part ever). taped it. painted it. (cursed).

Here is the finished product. It turned out better than I hoped. I am so in love with it. The color is "Carousel". The paint color even screams something beautiful.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.


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