Long line etiquette

So you want to hold a spot for 3 other people...don't.

I say if you are not there when I get there, move your ass to the back. What's that...you forgot something at home, sure no problem I will even hold your spot. But to have someone hold it so you don't have to wait in line, sucks.

Ok, holding your spot in a line for a ride...not a big deal, holding your spot at a chilli cook off...again not a big deal. However, "holding your spot" in line at kindergarten registration at 5:30am in the pouring rain is douchy. It could mean the difference of my kid being able to walk to school for maybe the next 10 years or being bused to another community.  Perhaps it was necessary for you to enjoy your tea and crumpets before heading out but unless you have a family emergency or your ass is in labor...you stand in line with the rest. You are not better. Your time is not more important. You've known about registration for many, many months.

If you cant make it, you have someone else make it for you. Your good friend Chad would do it for a small fee, or a bottle of Captain.

This line isn't for the movies, get your ass to the back. (thanks chad)

For your enjoyment "your ass" was featured 3 times in this post.


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