Before they start...

Summer weekends are consumed before they start. Fact.

I can not believe how quickly they pass. It is only May and every weekend there is something that we have to do, want to do. The summer flies by. Don't get me wrong I love it, we get to see friends and make memories, go camping, movies outside but where are the days that we can sit and just relax in the back yard with a bottle of bubbles and a splinkler.

I will find a day, make time for the backyard days that are chill.

May long kicks off "summer" for us. We had such a wonderful weekend in Kelowna over the long weekend. A friends son graduated, he graduated! Omg when did he turn into a grown ass man. He is so wonderful and between Dean and Dalee they have made quite a gentleman.

We stayed up til 4 am (that's 5am for us Albertans) and played "things people say" hilarious board game and drank many o Malibu and pineapples. Met some new people and really just had a wonderful time.

 Dalee and I had the opportunity to get dressed up. Like hair, makeup, jewelry, heels kinda dressed up. I need more reasons to get dressed up. It was wonderful.

It's summer...kick start it with a photo shoot, extend our backyard/fence, brother's first communion, Noahs "Grand"parents in from Trail for a wee visit (but we'll take it!), Noahs birthday...he's 4, 4!, another photo shoot, camping, stampede, Montana cabin with friends, photo shoot, camping...and on and on :)

Gonna be a GREAT summer.

Cheers people...keep it silly.
and own it.


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