Those of you who know lucky already know this, those who do not...this kid is funny.

I have decided to keep track of some the things he says.

  •  "watermelon for lunch yay, I love watermelon....what's watermelon?"

  • He says that everyone has a tail. Laurie says even you? He says yeah. She asks where is it? He says in my bum. Ken says, no that's poop! Noah says, well same thing.

  •  Noah woke up this morning and asks me "was i born when you married yourselfs" no honey. "Why did u want to make a boy" we didn't have a choice. "Did u wear a white dress that day" yes I did. " You were pretty that day, today and tomorrow"

  • "and mom...you're pretty even when I don't listen to you"

  • May 22nd- Apparently a fellow dayhome kiddo is getting sod laid at her new home and she told Noah she is getting grass this morning. Noah says, you wish Jordyn, everyone has grass already.    
  • May 24th- Noah told Laurie he doesnt know why I haven't got a baby yet. She asked if he'd prefer a sister or a brother and he said whatever you get, doesn't matter to him. 

  • June 26- He says drinking is very important. Laurie says yes you're absolutely right, like beer...he says no, beer makes you fat.

  • August 1/13- John: Hey buddy, you trying to dig for gold? Noah: No...just boogers.


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