Road Trip recap...miss it already.

Thank you to our wonderful friends in BC for putting up with us for a week. We truly had such a great vacation, we wouldn't have changed a thing (other than not getting a chance to meet Rhys, sadness there for sure)


We got to relax with Dalee and the boys in Kelowna, play catch up and thank you thank you for having the CMT awards pvr'd so I could happily watch Luke Bryan accept entertainer of the year and all his other shananigans.


We hit the road again to Vancouver. Then the day was spent drinking and catching up with Steve, meeting his wonderful wife Kerry and kissing, tickling and chasing Aaliyah (she has SO much energy, exhausted Noah instantly lol)


So we ate, drank and drank some more...Coronas, Malibu and pineapple YUM!


Happy 40th husband. I love you with all my butt, I would say heart but my butt is bigger.

We ate, bbq'd (thank you steve and kerry for the wonderful dinner) and got a chance to see Mike, Kim and Rylee, met a new couple and had a GREAT night.


We all jumped on his bed... and he doesn't even remember this photo.


This day was dedicated to Canucks, Canucks all day and it really was awesome. We were able to secure some gear at the fan store. As we were trying to decide what to do before the game Noah was nagging us to go down this ramp, so we did and we had no idea what we were walking into.

There were some fans waiting by the parkade and it started... Luongo, bieksa, kassian, the opposing team showed up. It was Frankie Corrato's first NHL game and there he comes walking up with a suit and relaxed. He graciously signed Noah's new snapback lid! It was pretty awesome.

Noah's concern....what car Daniel Sedin drove....we did not see him, please someone tell me so I can share with the little man.

The game was wonderful, the fans were great, the energy was off the charts. It was perfect. Blackhawks fans in front who were polluted and made me second guess our seats...they quickly changed my mind. Great guys, high fiving Noah when Canucks scored, offered to switch seats so he could be right at the glass. Unreal. We will never forget this night. Thank you Canucks.


Aquarium, Stanley park, Granville island and the beach. This day made me rethink Calgary, on our way back to Steves the traffic brought me back to reality.

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird" Noah Calhoun, The Notebook
YAY! Flight day. It was more than I could have imagined. Noah was aw struck by Alex. Alex and Kayla flew in that morning from Vegas, he rode his motorcycle to meet us to follow him to his hanger and plane! What!! He is 25, Noah may think he is the coolest guy ever. Way to play it Alex.

The views, the experience, the memories. Thank you to the moon and back.


White Rock= heaven for me. The salty smell in the air, the sun was blasting, the ceasers were delicious, patio, seashells, the pier, the ocean, the photos. The kids were exhausted. Noah crashed for 3 hours after the day at the beach. Beauty.

Road trip. Back to Kelowna and to Dalee's new place (she seriously moved during the 5 days we were in Vancouver lol) Gorgeous place in Mission and a 5 minute walk to the beach! Dalee gave Alex a run for his money. Noah begged me to stay, live, never leave Kelowna.

Now Kelowna...I could definitely live in Kelowna. Lush green grass, the lake, no traffic and a great friend.


Ihop, some shopping, Chinese, patio, homemade tiramisu and a movie. THE perfect way to end our vacation.

Thank you thank you!!


A quiet morning for Noah and I on the patio, John slept in and Dalee getting primped for her family photos.

The turned out great, she has a beautiful family with two teenage boys who tower over her. Her oldest will be moving away this summer, she wanted to remember this time together, the 3 of them. They are hilarious together, you can see their fun in the photos.

Back on the road home.

 We will definitely be back, in fact we will be back in Kelowna for May long weekend and I can barely wait.



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