Happening lately


we have been BUSY lately.

What's been happening around here...

Enchanted Forest. Change of plans wolf...I will huff and puff on you! My house is fine.
Feeling the luck of the Irish momentarily.
See no evil. hear no evil. speak no evil. (yes please)

Mom and son Ikea breakfast date. Delish.

There was a soccer game on a Saturday morning.

Finally hung my "see you later alligator" on the inside of front door. I know right! (thanks Lianne)

Before and after of our extending our backyard. That's 500 extra square feet of Calgary backyard. I will take it. Makes me happy.   I see a lot of work for John ahead...
Mission Room Makeover Present
Gotham City. Also makes me happy. Thrilled with the result.

I found these prints online. Saved them, had them printed on cardstock and "modge podged" to canvas. They turned out great.

Room makeover. John let me cut up 1..he made it very clear 1 of his old childhood comics to cover "noah". I love that this very book was once John's.
Yes he is.
On the other side of this pillow is the word Sunshine, which he is of course. But I wanted a "hero" pillow. So I turned it around, cut out felt and adhered. Done.
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na....batman.
His view.
Happiness for years to come. He always chooses batcave to lay his head.
I looked him out for 3 days. It was tough. I was kicked in the ribs in the middle of the night.
His reaction.
Worth it all.

He takes his role seriously

There was some swimmimg. A lot of trust in unparented swimming and he loves it.

My dad was over to help with the fence (thanks dad) a couple times last week. Noah was comfortable with this. Sat him down to watch some cartoon and threw his leg over to lock him down.
A stroll by the pond with his dayhome buds. Not planned...as all wearing blue and green, adore.
Left to right, Carter, jack and Noah. (thanks Laurie)

His party is this weekend and I am feeling "wonder"ful. Dineen lent me her CHILDHOOD wonder woman crown. Like its over 30 years old and she still has it! I will kick ass Dineen and represent her right. (thanks dineen)
See. a tad busy.
I've missed the blog. Nice to be back.



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