i heart yyc

Complete sadness.

Overwhelming devastation.

Unbelievable natural disaster.

Mother nature opened a can of whoop ass on Alberta. She won. She broke up with Canmore, divorced High River, cheated on Calgary, lied to Lethbridge and back stabbed Medicine hat. She literally broke our hearts.

It is amazing the amount of damage caused has only taken 4 lives. The rest of us were very lucky. There were over 120,000 people evacuated from their homes. Some will not be able to return. Through this all there are some amazing Albertans and "we" will get through this.

I work in the Insurance industry and know the next few months to come will be incredibly busy. I know people will be emotional and I hope I can help people, in some way. I was born and raised in Calgary and my heart is swollen.


What Calgary means to me...

-childhood memories
-pancake breakfasts
-awful traffic
-nice, truly nice people
-peters drive in memories
-a wedding
-a son

It means love.

(photo credit: Tiffany from www.MyDirt.ca and check out her blog, she rocks the good, bad and ugly of everyday)


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