Even more awesome when he sleeps

 I love to watch him sleep.

I'm sure one day this gets creepy but until such time i will continue to check in on him nightly to see him sleep.

So peaceful. 
So vulnerable.
So young.
So adorable.

This guy has my heart. Even when he is badass and we have a fight before bed...he sleeps and I feel so guilty. I want to snatch him from his bed to sleep beside me. The rib kicks and all.

Today was perfect.

He ate all his dinner. Played well. Was his normal funny character self..he gets an invite for a birthday party that will be at the school during school hours (am I supposed to buy a present?) and says well...am i available?? He kills me. 

I went to lie down for a bit and he snuck in to see me with his iPad in hand on his new favorite show already on just so he could be close to me. It was excellent. I couldn't of asked for more. I asked him if he ate all his dinner (I knew there were 3 carrots left) he said just a second.

Ran downstairs finished his carrots and put his plate on the counter.

When he came up I asked where he went. He said to clean up and put my plate away cause I know that makes you happy. He can just slay me sometimes.

Today he was great, and he's even more awesome when he sleeps.


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