Slow down...

Just over a week and I will be 6 months pregnant. How the heck did that happen.

Well I mean I know HOW that happened but quickly.

I remember the first time I was so tired and had these lovely nightly naps on the couch after work. This time time to be tired. It's been going by so quickly it seems.

Except for this awful ligament pain...rounding of the ligaments to be exact. So painful and makes walking difficult because it hurts so much. I thought I was in the clear because it came later this time around...later but more painful.

Another frustrating thing is I hadn't felt much movement. Apparently you feel it earlier the second around. BUT not if your placenta is in front again. But now lots of kicks and jabs so we are happy.

I want to nest. I need a nice day so I can paint her room :)


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