room vs starbucks

If I want to be productive in getting some studying/questions answered I have to leave the house.

Even if no one is home

Even If its snowing

Even if I havent showered.

If I stay home I will watch a movie.
If I stay home I will nap.
If I stay home that will be the day I finally decide to organize my closet.

Anything but.

I did good folks.  Fancy decaf in hand I did school school school. Ease dropped.  Giggled with a baby. School school school then break to swoon over the adorable things in chapter's right now.

Husband hint* there is a gorgeous white scarf with red hearts and a turquoise wallet that noahs mom and your wife would be smitten with for a well deserved valentines surprise*

So ya. Home vs starbucks. Starbucks wins.

Ive read that if you drink the same thing while studying it can help you come test time. Bad news is we cant bring anything into the 3 hour exam. Really people.  Not even a coffee.

I shall purchase a camel back type mechanism for my coffee consumptions.

Till we meet again.


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