It's a miracle...a macaroni miracle

Today we braved the cold -21, i might add and went out for some xmas card pics. He was trooper. I was freezing, he must have been freezing too but did not say a word til we were done. Insert sweet moment here.

We had a great day really. Some crafts. Wrapped fake presents. He hid them in our stockings and I had to pretend it was xmas morning and be surprised each and every time. Yayyyy!

Then headed out for some quick pics, like 10 minutes...yikes. Colder than I thought.

Then the regular errands, need garbage bags, TP, draino for my shower (sorry John). Clearing hair out of drains is a blue job, not a pink job.

The day was nice.

Then, then...Mac and cheese it was. You all know now my kid does not like pasta, not spaghetti' not macaroni and cheese (isn't this an all love food). Anyway today, I just didn't feel like making something else. So we had the conversation again for the 77th time. Just try it, take one bite and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. Just try.

He did it..

He tried it.

He didn't hate it. He ate it and said he will eat it again.

There is no photographic evidence ( I know, how is that possible ) but trust me he ate it. Small miracles.

Mom - 1
Noah - 2

I feel like we both win here.


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