The only good thing


Like so so sick.

Bed ridden for the most part for 2 days.

I'm not alone. (isn't this always the case moms) you can't even be sick by yourself! Noah is sick as well. He was a bit better today and told me that he hoped I was feeling better and that he would take care of me. Then he asked me what taking care means.

He did great btw.

I have been living on granola bars, apple, soda cracker and tea and gatorade for the most part.

The only good part of being in bed for 2 days is that I crushed the book "Wild". Excellent book. I couldn't put it down. Sleep. Drink. Read. Repeat. You must read it. Incredible.

The worst part of being so sick, I coughed and sneezed so hard that I have peed my pants, not once but twice. Yup, I know.


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