sucky down.

my sweet boy.

I don't know how my heart will love another like I love him, although I hear that there are no two loves that are the same. So I figure my love for "bean two" is supposed to be different.

He told me he doesn't believe this baby thing. You know...cause he cant see it. So he said he doesn't believe it. (boy is he in for a shock)

After watching my sweet boy this weekend. It feels real, it is real. He will be a great big brother. In the middle of the gymnastics party as he was running along the runway tramp he saw a little boy who dropped his "sucky". Noah retrieved lost sucky, bent down and gently put the sucky back into wee boys mouth. Then he completely carried on his way...bouncing along the tramp.

Later in the party, Jada (6 month old baby girl) was sitting happily in her car seat. Noah went over and sat in front of her. I thought he was touching her and messing around. But he wasn't he was sitting there staring at her little exposed toes. He was just watching her. Completely intrigued.

After the party I told him how cute and thoughtful he was today. He said he had to practice for our baby.


I love him so.

He can be the sweetest peanut around. So loving and thoughtful. Then he can say things like "fucker" and "shit". I die. Little people should not say words like this, it makes it very difficult to not laugh when they are used in context. Tonight he heard me say shit from across the room and he yells at me to watch my mouth. Hey, I can say the little shit poo poo head.

But like I said, he can be the sweetest peanut.

I wonder what the future holds. I can not believe there is a little bean just hanging out, waiting to meet us.

We love, we want, we cant wait.


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