yes, always yes

So we were lucky enough to be a part of Charlie & Maggies 40th wedding celebration.

Their children and their collective spouses threw them a party, most of the details were a secret. It was beautiful. You could feel the love.

40 years. That is a lot of sacrifices, a lot of heavy moments, alot of hugs, tears, kisses. It's just...alot. Alot to be celebrated, and that they sure did.

I wore a dress, rocked the bump. (maternity dresses are hideous) So i scored a great, stretch, ruched navy dress from H&M for $14.95. That is bragging rights, when nothing you own fits the occasion.

My husband was bartending to help chris out and ensure everyone was well watered. So as you know, the bar never closes. I didn't get much time with him this evening.

Noah and I scoot to the dance floor for a slow jam. I so appreciated it, it was sweet, we danced and laughed. (42 pounds...its a workout these days).

 Another slow song came on and about 1/3 way into the song my husband finds me and asks for this dance. Yes, always yes. I love to slow dance with my husband. Prolly more so because we dont get to often. He put the bar in the hands of someone else and he came to find me. I adore this, more than he knows (well maybe he knows how much now).

We dance, Noah watches up cheerfully with his hands brought up to his mouth and a little boyish smile. We ask him to join us.He had been chasing Emily down all night to dance but at that moment he jumped at the chance to join us. He thought it was the best thing ever. He wouldn't concentrate on anything else, Emily was trying to get him to dance with her again. Nope, he wasn't having it. Group slow jam it was, our first, but not our last I'm certain.


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