36 hours...

Well 35 hours and 46 minutes.

That is all that is standing between me and knowing who this little flutter bug is.

I am dying to know pink or blue. I am TOTALLY cool with either (girl) and just want a healthy little bean (girl) lol.

No really I am totally fine with either. I can see a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes (adorable of course) and I can see myself with 2 boys who will love on their momma for many years, lego stepping swears, superhero forts, light saber duel's... I got this. (there is something special about a boy and his momma)

I just want to know either way...I mean I got a name to chose and a room to decorate and a big brother who really wants to meet you. Talks about you often and hopes you are a boy.

I feel like I am rushing through December (well until December 18) unintentionally so I can find out. I truly feel like I am existing, just existing until Wednesday morning at 8:45am.

Once I know pink or blue we can slow down and enjoy the holidays. I have the time off in between and I. can .not. wait. I want lazy days with xmas crafts, movies and lots of cuddles. I really wanna soak up my time with noahpants.

So Wednesday morning please come sooner...pink or blue we just want a peek at you.


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