are you effin kidding me?

Mother f#*@%!

Shocked. So I am on the hunt for the gingerbread mini know the kind. 4 in a box.

My bestie is awesome, a couple weeks ago she was going to michaels and I asked if she could look for them and grab 10 houses. (2 or 3 boxes depending on how many come in them). She grabs them and states she has 12 or 15 houses. Perfect. All is well.

So I want to set them the night or two before so they are hard and ready to be decorated for wee kids to decorate their hearts out. Oh ya, so I am having a "Cookies & Cocoa" get together for the kiddos Sunday. Cute right, come over decorate a gingerbread house, have a cup of cocoa and get lost I mean go home with their newly decorated treat.

So yea. I need a bunch of houses for these kids. There needs to be fun xmas memories being created.

Anyway, I was waiting for lisa to get home yesterday and she calls me "your not going to be happy" fuck.

She thought she bought the village, it was actually only 1 big house in each box. crap. shit. totally not her fault. she feels terrible.

I freak out, I gotta go now, now now now to see if they have any left. Michaels Beacon box of 4 houses left. That's not 10 right. fuck!

A lovely lady calls another location..sold out. another location...sold out. another location...westhills and yes they have them and will put 2 boxes on hold for me. Verified that it was the xmas village 4 houses in one box. yes. yes it is.

I leave michaels and call them myself to ENSURE they have the right houses on hold since I will have to travel across the city in rush hour the following day to secure them.

John and I traveled together so he was really very happy with having to cut across the city for these little houses. " why can we not get them at walmart" "why can we not get them at...why why" I get it. you don't want to travel across the city. I don't really want to either but dammit we need happy memories of gingerbread house decorating.

There is a mother effin line in Westhills Michaels that you wouldn't believe. I get a gut feeling that I should check with the til lady first to ensure its on hold but decide against it cause I don't want to wait longer as the people piled up.

I wait.

With these bratty ass kids behind me, pushing and shoving, loud ass kids. (my kid can be that way some time too but I give em hell at least)

I get to the guessed it. The lady put them on hold herself but they are gone. Sold or whatever but nowhere in the store. They messed up and they are sorry.

Red. That is all I see..the fact that I am mad as hell and this chick is a ginger.

She says what can we do.. I said I want the mini houses. She cant help me with that but what else can she do...I tell her " I am so effin mad that I can not even think straight right now,  I need a minute to think before I answer her". She says she understands. No she fucking doesn't, does she have 10 kids coming over Sunday. Nope. She says we can mix and match them. Like some large houses, some cookie trees. "Are you kidding me, these 3,4, 5 year olds will want the exact same thing. If someone has something different all hell will break loose". She understands. This is pissing me off just as much. I am about ready to send the kids to her house.

She says she will give me a great deal, whatever it takes to make me happy. She offers 8 (as lisa has 2 at her house still) large houses for half their price as they are already on sale for 10.00 bucks each.

No, that will not suffice. I came here for the items that were supposed to be on hold and they were going to cost me 20 dollars. This is what I want.

She gave me 8 full size gingerbread houses for 20.00. The kids will have FULL size houses to decorate lol. Holy hell where am I gonna put them all. I message john to "come help quick" to carry this haul to the jeep. He runs in...doesn't know what is wrong only that it was taking me forever to pick up items that were on hold. He hears the total of 20.00 and doesn't know how or why...he looks at me and thinks she said 120.00..he doesn't look happy.

We walk out. I tell him the whole story.

He smiles.

Happiness restored.

Yay Xmas cookie parties! Memories will be had if it kills me or an employee of Michaels.

Holy hell where am I gonna put all these houses to decorate! Are you effing kidding me!


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