Happy December..germs, presents & baking

Sickness in this house for weeks!!

Now it is the husbands turn. (oh no) I don't know if I have it in me for this bout. I post a picture of Noah asleep on my lap with me rubbing his head (husband where is a pic of you rubbing my head) See. I don't know if I got it in me.

Blizzard. Flipping blizzarding out. But there are fresh rice crispy squares on my counter (high kick fist pump). Another thing, the fact that Noah has all these exciting things to do daily helps as well. Every morning he gets to move the candy cane down the snowman a day for the countdown, open a new lego advent calendar piece (a dog with bones and a dish today), open another present from Grandma's Santa's sack AND find dingle. Makes for an interesting and very exciting morning.

Yesterday we had a warning from the mayor to stay home. Roads are horrendous and everyone should stay home if they can. I had to go to work. I didn't have any work to do from home and it really didn't look that bad out. So we went. The roads were not great but barely any traffic so we made it to work relatively smoothly.

Today...gawd today. Huge snow drifts in our neighborhood. I told John I can work from home and he is super sick so he planned to stay in bed, take Noah to preschool so I could work and he could rest. He backed out like 3 feet and stuck. Super stuck. 2 hours later, cardboard, digging all around and under, 2 x 4's, me driving him pushing several attempts and nada. He was just as stuck as the beginning.

P: John grab the ice melt and try that.
J: Pass it to me

7 minutes later, rev, rock, rev, roll, rev and unstuck. I thought he was going to come through the fence but he maneuvered himself nicely.

At this point it was a little late to take Noah and John was afraid to get the vehicle stuck again (during this time there were 2 other vehicles stuck in the alley).

He comes in to a fried egg Sammy, hot tea, hot shower and he remained in bed all day. Very jealous that he can take meds. I would have done anything for a dayquill last week or the following month before.

Noah started off rough nagging me...sigh. Then he was an angel, sat played, watched some tv and kept to himself. THANK YOU sweetie!

I managed a solid 10 hour day (finishing at 6pm) but hey I got the hours in. We needed to take a break and munchkin fell asleep on me. I love this so.

Anyhow I had to get those hours in so that tomorrow I can shop with Laura and the girls. yay! fancy tea and shop cute stuff. Perhaps find another pair of maternity jeans seeing as 1 pair prolly wont make it the whole time...(mat clothes, yuck!)

I'm waiting for my xmas cards to arrive so I can start the addressing and mailing process. This is quite a process. (I give myself props for keeping a current address book. a real life address book..aunt mary I need your new address by the way)

Canucks are on TV, I am in need of a tea and maybe even a bath.

Fa la la la la............


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