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"Nurture Shock"

My friend and I have been chatting about this book and today she sucked me in. I ended up googling it and the more I read the more I wanted to rush out the door to pick it up.

The book discusses topics like;

 "The Inverse power of praise" which is about us parents constant praising our children like "your so smart" instead of  "look at that, all your hard work paid off"

 "The lost hour" which is about children getting less sleep.

"Why kids lie" they get it from us, shocker I know.

And many more topics.

Anyhow it is intriguing to me and definately worth a read (especially right now as it is on sale at Chapters for $5.99) I want Noah to be strong, work hard, play hard and be confident with trying new things, not afraid to fail.(I should take my own advice sometimes)

I never understood why everyone is a winner, I mean that's not real life. It doesn't allow our kids to properly understand that sometimes...thems the brakes. Get back up, try harder, practice. Everyone is a winner is crap. They need to learn how to properly deal with those emotions of not winning so that the field, gym, playground is not full of tiny cavemen having tantrums.

Worth a read.

What's on your nightstand?


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