John and Noah had this idea to make "frozen pops"

What you will need;
Ice cube tray
Saran wrap

It was a hit.

Then...we dropped in on the The Pauls for pizza and a visit. I am so happy they moved closer (from 45 mins to 12 mins) huge difference. I am free to annoy her in just 12 mins! Which I don't do enough of I might add.

N: "Mom can I sleep over"
P: "No honey you can't just sleep over here, sorry bud"
N (asks 3 more times)
P (answer remains the same)


What a perfect morning.

Every morning Noah comes running down the hall into our room and jumps in the middle of us demanding cartoons. Sometimes I'm like "Noah your hogging all the room, move over a bit, get your feet outta my back" " Noah really you need cartoons right now, its so early".

Secretly I love it though.

He's simply so sweet. He's all good morning mom, did you have a good sleep. hugs and kisses.

I love it.

So, this morning it's the same as usual and we all hang out. John on his phone. Noah watching transformers. I am on my ipad. (sharing on facebook Michael Buble's you tube vid of course)

No one was in a rush. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do. It was a perfect saturday morning.
The boys stayed in bed so I made us breakfast while listening to my favorite playlist. Blinds drawn way up so the sun came shining through. It was lovely really. Noah then played by himself happily saving the days with his superheros while I read the newest copy of Sunset Magazine online link  here

Noah and I had a little kitchen dance party which always makes us happy.

Then we met up with a great friend, Jesse to help celebrate his birthday. Bowling it is and what a great day. Noah and Jesse's nephews Dayton and Liam (how cute are those names) get along perfectly.

Back to his place for food, cake and presents. Jesse is the sweetest, he even had gifts for all the boys. Lots of giggles, heard about a 5 week Europe trip he is planning with his girlfriend which sounds
ah-maz-ing (like penny from happy endings of course, she is the best..tidbit here) good conversation, noah was sure to impress with plenty of his noah-isms.

N: "Mom can I sleep over"
P: "No honey you can't just sleep over here, sorry bud"
N (asks 3 more times)
P (answer remains the same)

Noah fell asleep on the way home and transferred to the bed like a dream.

Carrot cupcake and tea to top it off. Kinda rad.


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