Winner winner spaghetti dinner

He's stubborn.
He's independent.
He's picky.
He's three.

Dinner can be a nightmare. He doesn't like pasta (any at all, not even mac and cheese) but I think that he would and I read that you have to try a new food 14 to 16 times until you know if you actually like it or not. So I keep trying. He will eat dry spaghetti sticks but will not eat them cooked. So tonight was a fight.

"Please Noah, you have to at least try it" "Just try it, if you don't want to eat anymore that is okay but you need to at least TRY it"

Lots of tears.
He hates me.
It's not fair.
He's thirsty.
He's not hungry.
He's three.

You see I had to "win" this or the 45 minutes spent fighting and discussing it would have all been for nothing. It would have taught him that eventually he will get what he wants. He was crying and yelling. So I told him that I was done talking to him about it. We are gonna sit at the dinner table all night if it takes that but he IS going to try it

He tried it.

He doesn't like it but he will one day.


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