Pennie is done...really I am just getting started

So why not, why not start now when the penny is no more. (hey it's my turn) I have heard it all..nickel, dime and then oh yes was I ever happy when the loonie came out, that was such fun...heaps of fun.

I "follow" about 10 blogs, I love it, I love them. I love how they capture those daily moments, those smiles and chuckles which later will become distant memories. I want to keep them, squeeze and love on them forever.

My memory kinda blows actually. Seems to be getting worse (check into why that is after this post, maybe I should email myself so I don't forget...nevermind) So yeah I wanna remember it all and be able to share with those that are interested. I started this a couple years ago but it ended up in "file 13". I didn't make time for it. But now that I do a daily photo and was successful at doing so the entire year my first attempt I might add (very proud, it's not easy) I would like to think it would be easier to update the blog and life bits at least a few times a week.

A photo a day, big deal right. Take a photo hard is that? It is not easy. The days are busy. I do recommend any of you to try it though as it is rewarding in the same.

Here is attempt successful round 2.

Fresh starts.

Thank you Ellice.



  1. Yay! Love it! You are amazing Pennie! Excited for your posts to come!


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