a spoonful of sugar...

The weekend.

I love it.

Always goes by so quickly.


Visit to my fathers for dinner and "malasadas". Portuguese donuts.

What is a Malasada?

Found a recipe online here
To put it simply, malasadas are the most incredible, sweet, buttery, crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, melt in your mouth Portuguese doughnut you will ever taste!

Margarida is learning to make them and we get to share in her attempts.

yum, YUM, yum.


All about the home.

We have lived here for 5 years and I have disliked our pantry door for 5 years. (funny how it just kind of grows on you, deal with it, forget about it). So we found a 5 panel shaker (thanks Lianne for the idea) that we love instead. It will be replaced soon. (happy dance)

Then painting. Repose Gray sw 7015. I love this color..

Knew I wanted it in my 'work cubby' (I now want it everywhere). So I heard a winter storm warning, perfect time.

I also found some prints of vintage cameras that would be perfect in that cubby. You can find my favs here...
Download Designeditor+brownieprint.jpg
Download Designeditor+cameraprint.jpg

To start....washed, prepped and taped it off. (thats the hardest part) then the paint. I love it! so refreshing.

Here is the before and after..

Loving the finished product.


Winter storm decided to say hello.

Noah loved the snow, of course. Helped dad shovel again (thinks it awesome)

Positive note, Jer came today for the night. The boys scored tickets for the Calgary vs Vancouver game tonight. (all extremely excited about it) Snow sale, lucky guys featured below.

House to myself, bring on the chick flicks (another happy dance)

An update...



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