Goodbyes are hard.

My camera body and I are going through a seperation. I know, so sad.


She is having issues with the auto focus. After many calls and messages to my cousin Danny we have determined it is the auto focus module (our own diagnosis) that is effed up. Very thankful it is still under warranty.

So sad. I figured this out a couple weeks ago and have been delaying the inevitable package, seal, send to Nikon. sniff...pout.

Today was the day. It was hard, it is like an extension of my hand. All of a sudden I need my camera for everything. (isn't that how it always happens) Well it is done. Now I wait...excuse me if I am cranky over the next few weeks (feels like a lifetime).


See you soon lover.


  1. You can borrow mine... It's no D7000... but it should do the trick.

    1. Thanks Douglass :) i heard I may have my lover back this friday!!

  2. :( I wish you were here, pennie. You could borrow whatever we have that you can get your hands on. :) Hopefully it will be back in your hands better than new.

  3. Thanks danny :( you are so sweet!


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