Colorful love

We miss you.

It has been a year since my Grandfather passed away. I miss him.

Today we all released balloons and notes to remember him. In Nova Scotia, Ontario and Calgary balloons were released and it was perfect.

I think of him when this happens;

- hear Elvis
- see popeye
- think of Ford
- backyard pools
- family trees
- see my mom
- think of my grandma
- and now...runaway balloons.

He was a wonderful man. His laugh/smile made me laugh and smile. Look how handsome he was, pretty cool guy.

I have explained to Noah that he met his great Grandpa, sadly he doesnt remember him. I will be sure to tell him stories so he knows of him. So since Noah misses Bella (our kitty) he has been talking about her lately we decided to release his balloon to her with a letter he dictated to me (word for word). 



  1. A year already!
    So beautiful to add all the things that remind u of him.

    I talk to Elliott about my dad... Wish he could have met Ellie. He says "Good night Vavo Hermano in the clouds" melts my heart.

    Balloons - great way to celebrate his life.

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  3. That would melt my heart too.

    I think balloons are wonderful. Great way to celebrate small and huge moments.

    When we could no longer see the balloons "noah says they must be reading them now". *Sigh* love his sweetness and innocence.


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