oh snap...

This may be my angry missing camera attitude but why the f%^# do the "delivery companies" leave you a message on the door to tell you that you were not home!

It's like ha ha you weren't home (during regular business hours..shocker) and we are holding your package hostage so that you not only have to wait the entire night but the next day as well as you will most likely not be home again (during regular business hours...shocker)

Kiirr-riiissst (christ for the normal folk) that gets me riled. Like come on! What do they do with the packages? why do they not go back to the place you're supposed to pick them up at when they are done for the day? The depots are open later than they deliver so what. the. eff.

Do they just take them home, surround themselves with the boxes and cackle in the basement while watching the shining or what...

I may have gone to far.

On a different much brighter note, look how adorable my receptionist is. She gave me 3 pirate eggs filled with Noahs favorite jolly ranchers to hide around the house. First one...

He calls the Easter Bunny "EB" and thinks EB will have hid it and giggle, the best part.

Noah hates bedtime, hates it. Just wants to cuddle, play, eat, drink etc....so I said you have to sleep tonight love. We cant keep coming up here over and over...eventually he fell asleep so I went to check him and how cute is this... I guess he didn't sleep alone.

Love him, love love him.

You're lucky "delivery company" Noah saved the day.


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