Just add water..and tylenol..and popcycles

earlier today...

p: "hey john we should take Noah to a movie tonight"
j: "sure Oz?"
p: "No I think he might be frightened by it, I had to turn Jumanji off the other day because he was scared"
j: "ok, escape from planet earth one"
p: "ya sounds good, he will be so excited"

ring ring...(really a text) Noah's not feeling good. He is green, says his tummy hurts. He has a fever of 102.2.

Tylenol, water, popcycle, soda crackers, banana, crackers, water, apple, tylenol.

however yesterday he and the neighbor boy (also 3 years old) had a field day "shovelling" the walks.

Hope to be back to himself soon.

Being sick and all he wants to play hockey, they taking shots on each other and noah says...

n: "dad you like this game"
j: "ya buddy of course"
n: "i bet you do...because it has hockey in it"

So movie postponed...love immediately.



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