Trains, towers, street meat...downtown.

Friday morning we were all packed up with our lunches, snacks and zoo passes.

We made it to Memorial Drive/St. George's drive and what a "zoo" it was. Heaps, hundreds of cars from every direction trying to get to the Zoo Egg Extraganza. If we had went any further we would have been frustrated, looking for a parking spot for 20 minutes, irritated that we were standing in line for another 20 minutes and then pissed at the ridiculous bumps and elbows we would receive in the next hour or two so Mr. man could find eggs and decorate cookies. It wouldn't have been enjoyable at that point and we knew enough to abort.

What to do now?

We were surrounded by the tall building and the bridges of downtown.... I was born in Calgary and have never been to the Calgary tower. Why not? Let's fix that.

The day consisted of exploring Stephen Avenue, Calgary tower, glass bottom floors (that freak me out), Devonian gardens, picnic, playground, ice cream cones, peeking in store windows, escalators, elevators, sunshine, train rides, church bells in the street, binoculars, fish ponds, revolving doors, funny signs, giggles and random bunny ear passerby's.

Here is a peek at our day.

What a wonderful day, not all who wander are lost.


  1. Looks like a great day exploring the core. Good plan to ditch the zoo. It's madness trying to get in there.


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