i love you longtime


camera is back and we are complete folks.


John and Noah enjoyed a game at the dome in some sweet seats. I got to study a tad and waited to hear all about the game. They left early cause Noah "had enough of the red team" oh my.


Involved bow and arrows, tennis, dance off, football, construction...

and some Zombies. We finished Walking Dead marathon. Frick that show is nasty and awesome.


Happy St Paddys, happy birthday to my sister. (she always had quite the celebrations for her birthday right)

Noah had a playdate with a previous neighbor, Audrey. They had a blast...barbies and all.

Then it happened...he was playing around and being his silly 3 year old self and then it happened...I got a glimpse of his baby face. A face I havent seen in 1.5 years.

I seen it and it made my day.



Crap, he freaking fell asleep. He has been feeling off, spirits up just tired and sick-ish. Currently as I write this he is still asleep. I hope he gets a great night sleep and feels better tomorrow. He is so cuddly when he's sick, kinda melts your heart.


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