look a like contest...

I have been told a handful of times that I look and sound like Rachel Rae. (I'm flattered, she's cute)How random was it that I would be wearing the same color shirt as Ms. Rae.
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Manhattan.
Great trip! Had our fun debates about him loving the Mets, why they are great and all their stats. Me loving the Yankees, Jeter...ya that's all I had. That's enough right?

My bestie was married and she was is beautiful!

A hotel room in Manhattan, Natasha, Lisa and I.

Okay, reminiscing done.

For those of you that don't know and are interested in photography... Clickin Moms is a great site/blog with heaps of information for the photograp(her) out there. They have a magazine now out too that is so hard to put down, beautiful images on beautiful stock. Check it out.

Tonight I said goodnight to Noah I forgot to do our ritual....well one part. In his mind it was the most important.

It all started...he used to call me up for kisses and more kisses...so one night I kissed his palms and said he will have extras with him if he needs them. He needed them then and always has since...I kinda love it. We have since added his kisses to my palms so I have his kisses in the middle of the night if I shall need them.

Tonight after his bath and he was all tucked in I hear him calling for me. His face is strewn with tears and he says...*disclaimer* you may need a tissue..

N: "mommy, my hands are empty.."

So it was kisses to his hands, his cheeks, his nose, his head and neck (which results in giggles). Very rewarding in this moment.

Dapper dude in the tube.


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