Lil mister has been asking about Elf on the Shelf...specifically the video that came with the elf.

one week earlier...

n: "mom I wanna watch chippy!"
p: "sorry hun but the movie is gone with Dingle, he took it back to the north pole with him"
      (so over this video...I mean it was JUST christmas)
n: "aww really?"
p: "yeah babe, sorry"


n: giggle giggle (grabs something and squeezes it) giggle giggle (runs with said thing to the kitchen and hides)
p: "what do you have there hun?"
n: giggles
p: "get your bum over here and show me silly"
n: pitter patter....."look mom!! it's chippy!!"
p: ... (f$%k s*#t) ...yaaayyyyy!...

true happiness there folks

We watched chippy, it wasn't so bad.


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