Thursday the dayhome, Laurie had her son play the Easter bunny and hide eggs in the backyard for the kiddos. Noah was quite excited about this.

Reminders from Laurie "Don't forget the egg hunt, bring boots" Boots be brought. He would giggle every time I told him about it.

In action...

Found one!!
He continued to play with them all last night. He would hide them (in the exact same spot every time) and have me try to find them (about 8 times). Man he will be excited Saturday night (super fun surprise for him) and Sunday morning for the treats.

We (I) made treats for the kiddos. I know cotton candy is not great for your ass and all that but they are 3 and a little sugar in the afternoon on Easter long weekend...fine by me.

Here are the treats for the kiddos.

I imagine they went over well.

(today we had a great day, details tomorrow. I have me some walking dead to watch now)


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