Shame on me

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...

Why is it that I desire tea (in this particular case, chai tea) at 10:36pm. Do I really think I can get away with having caffeine, a nice warm enjoyable cup of tea and then just hit the hay. Shame on me.

Wide awake.
Husband sleeping beside me.
Child down the hall asleep and dreaming of the easter bunny.
Wide awake.
Thinking of "the list". You know the list.
Why is it that everything comes to mind when I lie down to relax and sleep.
Damn chai tea, because now I will be tired and needing a tea about 10:36pm tomorrow night.
Wide awake.
I feel guilty reading my novel during exam time (dreaded CIP exams), why is that?

Did I mention I love chai tea.

1 sheep, 2 sheep...


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