ding dong..

Wednesday..I had it planned, drop Noah at the dayhome and study.

Wake up...

n: "mommy can i stay with you today?"
p: "no babe, you gotta go to lauries so I can study."
n: "no mom, i want to stay with you..please...please...pretty please."
p: "oohhh honey, your making this so hard."
n: "i want to stay with you cause i dont want to sleep that long and laurie doesnt have pancakes."
p: (message laurie and laugh at his ridiculous) "ok honey, you can stay with me."

2 minutes later...

n: "mom what are you waiting for, you gonna make my pancakes or what?"
p: (you little bugger)

So we made pancakes and he ground coffe beans, happiness restored. Therefore had some time for silliness. This kid can be such a clown, featured below.

2 minutes later...

Potty break.

p: "hun you have to shut the lid, flush and wash your hands"
n: "ugh...i have to do everything around here!"
p: (you little bugger) giggle giggle.

Pancakes were made and eaten. I was able to study. He played. Thank you Noah.

I made portuguese chicken which was so delicious.

Then there was a knock on the door...

Captain America arrived and felt it was necessary to make 4 loaves of banana bread, also delish. Noah/captain helped with the mashing...he takes it very seriously.

He crashed on John at 6:30pm, breaks my heart

but I HAD to wake him (been there done that before, toddler all nighter no thank you see below)

Plus he needed to shit, shower and shave...you know all the bed rituals.


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